Looking forward to receive ideas about Törökőr’s mobility via map application

On the 9th October an online map application has been launched, allowing everyone to share their opinions and suggestions about Törökőr’s mobility. By filling in a short form on sunrise.mizuglonk.hu, you can submit your comments by November 15th.

There are three categories (problems, strengths, suggestions) to submit ideas. A photo can be uploaded to each idea, and the location can be placed on the map with a click. Commenting on suggestions by others is also possible.




In parallel with the online application, we collect the opinions personally at several frequented places in Törökőr, between the 16th and 20th October.

The Municipality of Zugló has obtained EU funding for the development of Törökőr’s mobility in the SUNRISE project. Of the amount received, EUR 65,000, or nearly HUF 20 million, is available for the implementation of projects proposed. The planning process takes place within the framework of the MIZUglók programme, with the involvement of the local residents and other stakeholders. The project also includes Mobilissimus and BKK as professional partners. The map application is provided by Urbanista.

How did mobility in Budapest-Törökőr become safer and child friendlier?

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13 Jan 2022

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15 Dec 2021

SASMob-Szeged – best practices to promote sustainable mobility

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02 Dec 2021