Communication experiences from Eger and participatory planning in Zugló at the ECOMM

Mobilissimus experts presented the experiences of two current projects at the ECOMM 2018 mobility management conference in Uppsala, Sweden in front of an international audience, predominantly from Northwest Europe, but also including Japanese experts.

In the section on travel habits and choices – led by Robert Stüssi urban planner, sustainable mobility expert – Antal Gertheis and Noémi Szabó presented the sustainable urban mobility plan of Eger and the related communication activities. Based on the results of a representative survey, they pointed out the built-in biases of traditional planning methods. Janka and Samu set off towards becoming world stars, since their video is also available with English subtitles! :) (The PROSPERITY project also offers trainings on Communication and stakeholder involvement for the SUMP and its measures.)

The SUNRISE project was part of the section on neighbourhood mobility planning. Michael Koucky's presentation was supported with practical experiences – by Noémi Szabó – from the participatory process in Budapest-Zugló.

Uppsala and its surroundings have also showcased a number of innovative mobility solutions, from coordination of urban planning and transport development through integrated public transport and bicycle-friendly measures to e-mobility, available also to Hungarian and CEE cities via Mobilissimus experts.

Photos on the conference session courtesy of Robert Stüssi

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