Mobility solutions at the neighbourhood level

A new publication is available online titled „Making the change – Co-creating mobility solutions at the neighbourhood level”. The publication relies on the SUNRISE project’s 4 years’ experience, and includes recommendations addressing policy makers, local authorities and other stakeholders who are interested in mobility solutions.

This online brochure not only presents the tales of the six neighbourhoods, what transformation they have undergone during the project and how, but it also highlights the importance of co-creation when decision-making and planning involves citizens.

The six neighbourhoods taking part in the project are Zugló-Törökőr (Budapest), Hulsberg (Bremen), Baka (Jerusalem), Lindängen (Malmö), Neo Rysio-Thermi (Thessaloniki) and the city centre of Southend-on-Sea. The city project partners are supported by expert partners BKK Centre for Budapest Transport, Mobilissimus, urbanista, Rupprecht Consult, POLIS, Edinburgh Napier University – Transport Research Institute, Zaragoza Logistics Center and Koucky & Partners.


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09 Feb 2023