Mobilissimus is a mobility planning company based in Budapest, Hungary. Our scope of activities includes research, planning and consultancy in the field of sustainable urban mobility for public and private clients on the local, regional, national and European level.

We are convinced that urban areas and their transportation must be developed through an integrated approach by taking into consideration the real needs of both the local population and that of the passengers and by favouring the growth of public and pedestrian transport modes as well as cycling.

Our main mission is to contribute to the development of smart, eco-friendly and cost-efficient transport systems for the present and future generations that provide high level services by means of intelligent technological solutions. Our way of thinking is based on an integrated approach with the cooperation of several professional disciplines.

In order to accomplish the requirements related to liveable environments and smart urban services, we strengthen our theoretical knowledge and technical skills day by day. We follow up the implementation of the latest European good practices, and we keep in touch actively with the international experts of urban mobility. Based on this, we offer innovative and customized solutions for the cities.

Beside the improvement of our competences, we find it indispensable to share our knowledge and to enhance the public’s awareness. For this end, we are involved in the specialized university education of engineers, we carry out trainings for Hungarian and international partners within the frames of our projects, and we take all the opportunities to exchange experiences with other professionals.

Our services are as follows:

  • conceptual and strategic planning

  • project preparation and support of implementation

  • professional cooperation

  • data collection and analysis

  • professional consultancy, B2B marketing and communication

  • participatory planning, awareness raising and public communication