managing director, mobility expert

+36 30 869 1674

As one of the founders of Mobilissimus he is committed to the values of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) and participated in the elaboration of its international and Hungarian methodology. In his works, he represents the attitude and love of mobility with people in focus. He is a planner of urban and mobility development strategies, following the process from birth of ideas to the implementation. He is actively supporting the awareness raising related to sustainable urban mobility planning. He is convinced that smart, innovative, climate-conscious and human-scale planning and project implementation can be the right way of professional integrity in the world of mobility.  

managing director, economist

+36 30 653 1705

EuroVelo Route Inspector

He is one of the founders of Mobilissimus. As an economist, he carries an integrated approach into effect during his work: he analyses the projects not only from the technical point of view of transport, but also from urban development, economic and financial aspects. He uses his experiences in several branches of mobility planning: he participates in the preparation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), strategies and in international research projects and partnerships, furthermore, he takes part in the preparation of feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses (CBAs).

lead expert

+36 30 845 6596

Thanks to her experiences in coordinating and leading Hungarian and international projects, she is deeply convinced that defining and developing quality of life in cities should not only be determined by huge investments into urban and mobility development. Co-design and community engagement-based planning can form and change everyday life and the behaviour of citizens using the urban mobility environment in an efficient way.

lead expert

+36 30 152 6766

For the sustainable future radical changes are needed in transport. This is not a fight to win, but a lifelong learning process, where the values and interests of all participants should be taken into account, and transport planners should play a key role in this challenge. All in his transport planning and development projects from the cycling infrastructure or bus network design to the congestion research or parking surveys this principle was the most important driving force.

mobility expert

+36 30 156 7176

As a transport service planner engineer, I am mainly interested in system-level thinking, analysing how the transport systems work, and searching for optimization possibilities and efficient solutions of problems. A very important challenge for me is how to plan or optimize under the given framework conditions that kind of transport networks and timetables which could be the best for the passengers.

urban planner

+36 30 490 1070

As an urban planner she is approaching projects with a complex urbanistic mindset. She is experienced in strategic planning in Hungary and actively participating in international research and co-operation projects. She also supports the team with her expertise in graphic and GIS tasks. Her main objective is facilitating the transformation of cities in making them citizen-friendly and liveable.

transport engineer

+36 30 390 1354

As a transport engineer, she was involved in several national and international mobility projects, including network and schedule planning, transport modelling, preparation and organisation of passenger countings, and writing professional studies. Through the experience in coordinating international cooperation projects, she is committed to promoting mobility solutions which address existing transport related gaps and problems.

office manager

+36 30 490 0996

Having ten years of banking experience, sustainable urban mobility was a completely new area for her, with many challenges and learning opportunities. As the office manager of Mobilissimus, she believes in the power of good teamwork and thinking together. She is delighted to be part of an energetic community that is committed to a more sustainable urban environment and together makes the city a better place to live in. She is convinced that she can do meaningful work knowing that it will have a positive impact on the environment and thus serve a purpose that goes beyond her personal interests.

economist, project manager

+36 30 490 1050

When dealing with urban development, the complexity and diversity of cities also leave a pattern in the daily work processes. Therefore, it carries with it a constant challenge and diversified learning processes. In urban space, I consider sustainability and justice as a priority, of which mobility is an important pillar. In my opinion, a liveable urban space can be created by involving the dwellers and carrying out the planning and decision-making processes together. At Mobilissimus, I work mainly on development projects with participatory approach.

mobility expert

+40 774 089 485

Dragoș is a transport planner with a focus on active travel, and strongly believes in the power of walking and cycling for short urban journeys as key enablers for more equitable and liveable neighbourhoods. He applies a critical sustainability perspective on any transport initiatives, to ensure project interventions will facilitate the creation of healthier, inclusive and vibrant places for everyone to enjoy. He brings international experience in the field of cycling strategies, infrastructure best practice and behaviour change projects for institutions and communities alike.

project and communications manager

+36 70 304 8586

The human and economic considerations are the closest to my heart when it comes to urban and regional development. In particular, the behavioural choices and everyday decisions made by people moving around, and how these choices can be influenced for good. In my opinion, we can do a lot, through knowledge-sharing, attitude-building and simple everyday conversations, to motivate our environment, to choose more sustainable, healthier and safer modes of transport.

mobility planner

+36 30 211 2797

Since public transport is a passion for me since I was a small child, I started working in this field during my university years as a student worker, surveying the number and habits of passengers using public transport services. I got into contact with Mobilissimus for the first time during these years, and started working here after my university graduation. My goal here is to help the success of the company’s team with my enthusiasm and knowledge about public transport and the wide range of international project-experience I gained during my student years.