managing director, mobility expert

+36 30 869 1674

He has participated in the elaboration of the international methodology of sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP), and he represents the approach of planning for people in several cities in Hungary and the surrounding countries. Pioneering sustainable urban mobility planning in Hungary, he is author of numerous plans, strategies and studies related to the development of urban areas and transport systems. He is committed to smart, cost-efficient, eco-friendly planning and project implementation which considers the public’s requirements. 

managing director, economist

+36 30 653 1705

As an economist, he carries an integrated approach into effect during his work: he analyses the projects not only from the technical point of view of transport but also from an economic and financial aspect. He uses his experiences in several branches of mobility planning: he participates in the preparation of sustainable urban mobility plans and in international research projects and partnerships, furthermore, he takes part in the preparation of feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses (CBAs). 

lead expert

+36 30 845 6596

environmental engineer, project manager

+36 30 211 2797

urban planner

+36 30 490 1070

She believes that the environment has a quality. She is committed to establish urban spaces of which the experiences and the beauty can be enjoyed primarily at a speed below 50 km/h. She makes use of her professional experiences and her competences obtained during her Hungarian and international studies in the preparation of studies related to the development of urban areas and transport systems, as well as during the execution of GIS and visual tasks.

transport engineer

+36 30 490 1050

transport engineer

+36 30 390 1354

lead expert

+36 30 152 6766

office manager
communication expert

+36 30 156 7176