Implementation of traffic calming interventions in Budapest-Zugló starts

The traffic calming measures that will be carried out within the framework of SUNRISE (Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods Research and Implementation Support in Europe) project are entered into the implementation phase this March. The interventions were chosen by the residents with the help of various participatory and community planning methods.

Accordingly, around Újvidék Square and in Tábornok street in the Budapest district of Zugló different traffic calming interventions will be undertaken, which will also contribute to safer pedestrian crossings. The aim is to create a safer, pedestrian-friendly environment.

There are several educational and social institutions around Újvidék Square. The main goal is to improve safe mobility around these institutions. The specific interventions are the following:

  1. the physical and visual highlighting of the zebra crossing leading to the Arany János school in the square
  2. tactile signs that help the visually impaired
  3. crossing the two sides will be safer thanks to the new traffic bumps and indications at the centre of the square, which is important for children using playgrounds and sports fields
  4. traffic bumps in front of the nearby nursery and kindergarten.


In and around Tábornok utca by kerb extensions at intersections, moreover, by narrowing the traffic lanes, pedestrian crossing will be safer. Given that nearby there are educational institutions, such as school, nursery and health visitor service, it is well-justified. The specific interventions are the following:

  1. Tábornok utca-Utász utca corner: traffic bump that reaches the pedestrian level for the safety of the pedestrians
  2. Tábornok utca-Őrnagy utca corner: by widening the edge of the corners, crossing will be safer
  3. Tábornok utca – Francia utca crossing: curb-level traffic calming junction for the safety of the pedestrians.


Source: MiZuglónk (in Hungarian)

Fotó: Zoltán Erdős

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