Velo-Timiș Cycling Strategy for Timiș County

The aim of the Timiș County, through the preparation of the Velo-Timiș cycling strategy, is to promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy mobility mode, in line with the policy objectives of the European Union. To this end, it aims to support the development of a cycling culture and the implementation of the necessary infrastructure through a comprehensive and up-to-date document underpinning public policies.

With the Velo-Timiș cycling strategy, Timiș County intends to provide guidance to the actors involved in the development of cycling-friendly infrastructure and cycling tourism. By considering the objectives and defining the development directions, it wants to ensure the complex conditions necessary for cycling and cycling tourism in the county on the long term. A well founded development plan and the creation of a coherent network are also the most efficient way of using development resources.

As a county-level document, the parts of the strategy on built infrastructure cover the sections of the international and national networks that affect Timiș County, as well as the network elements of county importance, including links to neighbouring counties and cross-border links. The local (intra-municipal) elements are discussed only as part of the county cycling network and at a general level.

In the field of cycling infrastructure, in addition to the development of cycle routes, the strategy also covers the improvement of conditions for bicycle parking and cycle-friendly services. Another important element is the support of awareness-raising and attitudinal change in relation to cycling.

Responsibility for implementing cycling infrastructure is shared between national, county and local authorities. The strategy will provide the general framework to which all relevant investments, regardless of the beneficiary, will be aligned, i.e. feasibility studies and technical design will follow the guidelines set out in the strategy.



Timiș County


Year of fulfilment:

2022- ongoing