Central European Active Mobility Lab (CEAML)

The Central European Active Mobility Lab (CEAML) project aims to advance the decarbonisation of the transport sector in Czechia, Hungary, and Slovakia. This is a major challenge in the Visegrad region, given the old, polluting vehicle fleet and the relatively low income of the population.

Our project addresses the growing number of passenger cars and their negative externalities by providing evidence and momentum for (potentially) zero-carbon modes of transport that bring multiple benefits.

Mobilissimus is responsible for leading the work package on pilot studies on the impacts of public space alterations. We develop the methodology and guidelines for pilot selection and evaluation, support the local partners throughout the process including ex-ante and ex-post surveys, and summarise the findings in a lessons learned report.



European Climate Foundation


Cyklokoalícia (lead partner), Auto*Mat, Hungarian Cyclists' Club

Year of fulfilment:

2023- ongoing