SHAREPLACE Mid-Term Conference in Bergamo

The Italian city of Bergamo is hosting the SHAREPLACE Partner Meeting and Mid-Term Conference, having the focus on the presentation of this Interreg Central Europe cooperation. The aim of the project is to offer alternative solutions for the partner cities’ transport problems throughout demand responsive and sharing mobility based pilots. The Hungarian partners – Municipality of Zalaegerszeg and Mobilissimus – designed and developed together the pilot projects for the county law city. These solutions are a DRT system to be tested for the hilly areas of Zalaegerszeg not covered by public transport services, and a carpooling model for the daily home-to-work journeys of the employees of the main workplaces.

The mid-term conference also introduces the audience to the sustainable mobility vision and solutions of the Italian partner cities’ pilots of Bergamo and Crema.

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15 Jul 2019

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14 Jun 2019