The planning of the cycling strategy for the Budapest agglomeration started

The Budapest Development Centre (BFK) has started planning the planning of a regional cycling strategy to improve the conditions for cycling in the agglomeration of Budapest. The goal is for the inhabitants to be able to reach the train or bus stations by bike safely. Taking the route between a neighbouring settlement and the capital by bike shall become a realistic alternative, therefore, the strategy has to design a continuous bicycle route network that also connects to the network within Budapest. Improving bicycle parking (B+R) and maintenance opportunities is part of the development of the cycling infrastructure.

The strategy is being prepared by the consortium of Mobilissimus Ltd. and Értékterv Ltd.

Photos from the conference: Erdei Mihály /

On the occasion of the start of the work, BFK organized a conference on the 15 September 2021 at the soon-to-be Transport Museum building. The goals of the strategy were presented by Dávid Vitézy CEO and Csaba Kelen project director, followed by Antal Gertheis, managing director of Mobilissimus who highlighted the main points of the planning process. Altogether 15 short 7-minute presentations were held by the partners of BFK, such as state railway company MÁV (Róbert Homolya CEO), Budapest transport authority BKK (Ádám Bodor mobility development director), the Hungarian Cyclists’ Club (Áron Halász, presidential member), as well as academics and experts.

The strategy is being prepared with the involvement of professional partners, local authorities and the residents of the area. As part of this, an online problem and proposal mapping tool and a survey will be published in the near future, available for everyone to share their insights.

Photo on the right: BFK

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