Open call for SUMP-Central

Open call for content co-creation of SUMP-central

The LOW-CARB and Dynaxibility4CE projects would like to invite you to contribute to the further development of LOW-CARB’s new mobility platform SUMP-central! Share your knowledge and lead others in reaching our collective goal of being carbon neutral.

Contribute with materials for good practices

We are looking for good low-carbon mobility practices from European projects and cities to supplement our innovative measures, mobility action plans, and policy strategies suited to the unique contexts of Central Europe. If you think your city or Functional Urban Area sets a good example for other cities and their surroundings, please send us your best practice case and we’ll add it to our database to help transitioning regions leapfrog to carbon neutrality.

Contribute with learning materials

We’re interested in showcasing helpful e-courses, tutorials, and past presentations that can improve the capacities and competence of public and private practitioners in the arena of integrated sustainable mobility. Our goal is to help cities in central Europe in the development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans by providing information, support, exchange of experience, training, and SUMP guidance in their own languages and in English.

Contribute with existing SUMPs, and related tools for preparation and implementation

SUMP-central is a database of Central European SUMPs and related resources available in local languages (DE, HU, CZ, IT, CR, PL, SL, and SK). Furthermore, it is also a platform that is linked with other databases with relevant cities’ SUMPs and tools for making better mobility planning decisions. If your city or FUA is working on its SUMP or has recently completed one with a focus on reducing carbon emissions from transport, become a lowcarbon leader and share your plan and experiences.

Are you an expert in the field of sustainable urban mobility planning?

We’d like to match local governments in Central Europe with experts who can aid the development of their SUMPs and mobility action plans. Would you like to be listed amongst the limited pool of knowledge bearers? Send us a short description about your expertise in the field of sustainable urban mobility planning and tell us about the organization you are working with. Attach your CV and include your contact details.

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