New SASMob publication about workplace mobility planning

A new brochure of the SASMob project on workplace mobility planning has been published.

The strategic objective of SASMob is to shift the city of Szeged towards multimodal, inclusive mobility with a low environmental impact through cooperation between public entities, private businesses and transport providers.

This includes the preparation and implementation of workplace mobility plans for seven employer partners, including Pick, Evosoft, the University of Szeged and the Szeged Transport Company, within the framework of a cooperation agreement with the City, which will be joined continuously by other companies and institutions. While the project focuses on Szeged, its results can be useful to any city or employer.

The new publication titled Workplace Mobility Planning: the new quality of HR – authored by REC and designed by Szeged Pólus – presents the benefits and process of workplace mobility planning, also covering the implementation of measures and the evaluation of results.

As a professional partner, Mobilissimus will capitalise on and upscale its experience in organisational mobility planning by supporting the implementation of seven organisational mobility plans for large companies engaging approximately 5,000 employees in the city of Szeged. Its services will include:

  • supporting the implementation of mobility plans and contributing to policies that encourage more sustainable commuting;
  • supporting GriffSoft to create an IT platform to monitor the daily transport patterns of employees; and
  • monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the resulting workplace mobility plans.

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25 Mar 2021

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12 Mar 2021