„The city is full”: SASMOB roundtable in Szeged

Since the political transition in 1989-1990, the transport of Szeged has been characterized by a continuous and significant transformation. Local public transport seems to be gradually declining, the group of bicycle users is broadening and meanwhile there are significantly more cars in the city. The transport dilemmas of Szeged are multiplying, and everyone is looking for the answers.

A professional roundtable titled 'The city is full' was convened, where five transport professionals, policy makers and stakeholders were invited to discuss what experiences can be drawn from the past decade and a half. But at least as important was the question what the future could bring in the transport of Szeged, what solutions could be given and what improvements were needed.

The participants of the discussion co-organised by SASMob Szeged and the IH Event Centre were Attila Bobkó (Csongrád County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, transport department - chairman), Imre Csüllög (Hungarian Cyclists' Club), Csaba Körtvélyesi (Trenecon Ltd. - transport engineer), Sándor Nagy (Deputy Mayor of Szeged for Urban Development) and Zoltán Ádám Németh (SZKT - Head of Public Transport and Railway Safety). Márton Tőke took on the role of moderator; his professionalism has greatly contributed to a meaningful, high-quality, constructive dialogue.

Cover photo and further reading (in Hungarian): szeged.hu


As a professional partner and based on its experience in organisational mobility planning, Mobilissimus supports the implementation of the workplace mobility plans of seven partners in the city of Szeged, employing pproximately 5,000 people in total. Our services include:

  • supporting the implementation of mobility plans and contributing to policies that encourage more sustainable commuting;
  • supporting GriffSoft to create an IT platform to monitor the daily transport patterns of employees; and
  • monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the resulting workplace mobility plans.

As a result, SASMob will decrease Szeged’s mobility footprint and contribute to an economically and environmentally sustainable mobility system for the city.

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