Inauguration event of the first CoolCo (cooling point) in Józsefváros

On 5th July, the first cooling point of the city, built by Koho' studio, was opened on Szigony Street in Józsefváros, providing a shady little green micro island for local residents, people using the children's health service and health visitor service or for everyday street users. During the handover, Mobilissimus and Rév8 staff worked with local residents and visitors to explore the dangers of heat waves and potential adaptation options.

Our colleague Rita Petrovácz showed some examples to highlight the impact of green spaces and green architecture on the urban climate, and the concept of Healthy Streets, promoted by the civil association Járókelő.hu, which aims to improve the quality of public spaces, was also presented.

Dr Mária Madarász presented the health effects of heat waves in the form of a playful quiz for children and adults as well, with the correct answers taking home small prizes (stickers of urban life and washable tattoos, fruit, lollipops, helium balloons).

The event also provided participants with a map of water and refreshment facilities in the district (drinking fountains, in the Refill project participating shops and places).

In the next project phase, user experiences and data on the cooling point will be collected.


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17 Jul 2024

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17 Jul 2024

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11 Jun 2024