Vecsés Cycling Network Plan

The purpose of a cycling network plan (master plan) is to assess the situation of cycling in the city or municipality and its surroundings: cycling traffic, cyclability, obstacles to cycling, and to propose improvements to increase the share of cycling and to encourage more people to choose cycling as their everyday means of transport.

The city of Vecsés has a long tradition of cycling. The municipality is committed to developing a cycling network in the city comfortable for cyclists, while at the same time providing safe access to neighbouring settlements. In addition to the existing infrastructure and sections planned in other projects, there are a number of ideas and plans that the City of Vecsés wishes to integrate into a single document.

The Vecsés Cycling Network Plan will be developed in accordance with the guidelines prepared for the regional operational programme (TOP Plusz) calls entitled 'Proposed structure of a Cycling Network Plan', including the assessment of the current situation, the evaluation of development opportunities, the presentation of the planned measures and an implementation plan. The planning will be carried out in accordance with the Budapest Agglomeration Cycling Network Development Strategy, which is being prepared under the leadership of Mobilissimus.



City of Vecsés

Year of fulfilment:

2022- ongoing