Social dialogue about mobility problems in Budakalász

Budakalász is a small town near Budapest, between the Danube and the hills. It is one of the richest and most educated towns in Hungary, with a large through-traffic.

The Klenity neighbourhood and Csapás Street have long suffered from heavy, inappropriate through traffic during peak periods and often at weekends. Necessary traffic calming measures have been taken in the past and have slowed traffic but not reduced its volume. By 2021, Csapás Street and Klenity were on the verge of becoming unliveable, and the municipality wanted to make changes that would address the problem in the short term, not make it impossible to carry traffic within the city, and that could be financially viable. Mobilissimus was tasked with providing technical support to the municipality's efforts, including community involvement.

The direct cause of through traffic is the congestion on József Attila Street due to the low capacity of the suburban railway (HÉV) crossing in Lenfonó, which has both regional and network causes. Planned improvements to the network (northern bypass, M0 ring) could have a significant positive impact locally, but their implementation is again unforeseeable by 2022, so the Lenfonó crossing will remain an important and busy HÉV crossing.

A queue of vehicles bypassing the congested Attila József Street, passing through the residential zone on Csapás street in June 2021

At the end of the work, a solution supported by the most of the residents was found to build a card-operated sinking bollard in Csapás and Kertész Streets with the financial contribution of the residents, and in Klenity, only residents of the adjacent Szentistvántelep neighbourhood are allowed to cross, and only with a permit.



City of Budakalász

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