School mobility planning in Törökbálint

On behalf of the Municipality of the City of Törökbálint, Mobilissimus prepared a mobility plan for the Elementary School at Köztársaság Square, aiming to address and solve the mobility problems in the school area.

Part of the problem identification was to carry out surveys, consultations, and site visits to establish the foundation for the plan and based on these to draw up a mobility concept, and a set of proposals.

To understand the mobility problems in the school environment, several site visits were carried out and on 13rd September, camera and manual data collection and counting were carried out to observe the typical ways of walking to school and the morning school traffic flow.

In addition, a hands-up survey of pupils was carried out on their mode choice on a given day, and an online parent questionnaire was asked as part of the planning.

An important element of the project was the implementation of joint planning with stakeholders; discussions and professional workshops on school mobility with parents, teachers, local government representatives, to assess perceived problems, possible suggestions, motivations and barriers to mode and route choice.

The mobility concept includes not only the definition of traffic engineering, infrastructure, and awareness-raising proposals, but also the presentation of national and international examples related to the set of proposals.

In 2023, the mobility planning of the Bálint Márton Elementary School in Köztársaság tér continues, with the preparation and scheduled implementation of some infrastructural interventions of the mobility concept and soft measures to promote the use of sustainable transport. For the first time in the country, a school mobility manager will start working as a key player in actions and campaigns to increase awareness of school mobility planning and sustainable mobility. After the training of the mobility manager(s), the preparation and implementation of the school mobility campaigns and actions in autumn 2023 will be carried out in cooperation with Mobilissimus.



City of Törökbálint

Year of fulfilment:

2022- ongoing