New public transport scheme for the city of Ruse, Bulgaria

The preparation of the new public transport scheme of the city of Ruse (160.000 inhabitants) by Mobilissimus arrived to a new milestone. Several forums have been held in the last few days involving residents, NGOs and the major employers of the city, where the experts of Mobilissimus presented the almost final version of the new transport scheme.

In the new system the trolleybus lines will represent the backbone of the network, also appearing on new routes and running on interval-based timetables. They will be complemented by bus lines: circular lines and new routes increasing the network coverage.

In order to introduce the new scheme, the renewal of the vehicle fleet and the operational structure will be also necessary; the first steps are to be done during the upcoming months. The new scheme received positive feedback at all forums, and it is planned to be introduced in 2020.

Space-efficient transport

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06 Jul 2020

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22 May 2020

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07 Jan 2020