Renewal of the local bus network of Nyíregyháza

January 2020 the Municipality of Nyíregyháza has engaged to develop the local public transport with the participation of Mobilissimus aiming to completely renew the network, timetables and passenger information system.

The first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the planning process. Based on well defined and quick decision of the Municipality of Nyíregyháza the introduction had to be rescheduled. Instead of a fully change, a temporary pandemic network and schedule was planned and introduced in early May 2020 to serve the totally changed demand and help the employees to get to their workplaces easier and safer. This temporary network and timetables were considered as forerunners of the new network and schedule. It offered new access options: new lines were developed to serve the main employers from the most significant residential areas without the need of exchange, and different lines were connected to decrease the number of interchanges and contacts.


Based on the experience of the temporary pandemic public transport operation the renewed network and timetable system were introduced on 20 August 2020. New connections, interval based and harmonised timetables and a strong access to railways describe the new system. Such a change was unprecedented in Hungary.

Passenger information system developments were also significant: passenger friendly, standard timetables were placed to the bus stops, easy-to-understand network maps were implemented and with the support of Mobilissimus the local media performed continuously communication about the changes.

The renewals were followed by continuous updating of mobile application of local public transport information and the local public transport journey planner function of Google Maps was also established.