Third living lab event of the SHAREPLACE carpooling co-design activity

The third living lab event of the SHAREPLACE carpooling pilot project was held in Zalaegerszeg on the 12 September, with the active contribution of the involved stakeholders: some of the large employers and their employees. The event focused on ident...
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14 Sep 2018

Partner City of the Month - Szeged, Hungary

A city of education, science and culture Szeged has the second best educational indicators in Hungary, and with 26 percent the second highest number of English speaking people in Hungary. 13 percent of the population are university students, and 23 p...
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27 Jul 2018

SUMP National Training event gets Hungarian cities engaged in sustainable transportat...

From 04-07 June the city of Szeged had the honour to host the SUMP National Training for Hungarian cities in the CIVITAS PROSPERITY project. The participants had the possibility to feel the mentality of sustainable mobility planning, long run achieve...
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23 Jul 2018

The first trip of the Zerge

The first trip of the minibus service Zerge (chamois) to be planned for the low public transport level areas in Zalaegerszeg took place under high residential interest. The event aimed to provide a good basis for the future DRT to be implemented in G...
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15 Jun 2018

Video interview on the award-winning SUMP of Turda

Video interview with SUMP ambassador Radu Andronic CIVITAS PROSPERITY identifies interesting personalities who act as SUMP ambassadors. Radu Andronic speaks about the advice, suggestions and lessons learnt when developing Sustainable Urban Mobility P...
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13 Jun 2018

Communication experiences from Eger and participatory planning in Zugló at the ECOMM

Mobilissimus experts presented the experiences of two current projects at the ECOMM 2018 mobility management conference in Uppsala, Sweden in front of an international audience, predominantly from Northwest Europe, but also including Japanese experts...
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04 Jun 2018

Community engagement and co-design process in Zalaegerszeg in the SHAREPLACE project

The City of Zalaegerszeg and Mobilissimus Ltd. implements the SHAREPLACE project with other international partners (from Austria, Italy, Germany and Croatia) in the next two years. The project of the Interreg Central Europe Program is funded by the E...
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04 Jun 2018

Janka and Samu

Janka and Samu are schoolchildren from Eger. They are hacking their dad's gps...
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23 May 2018

From vision to the implementation – workshop on mobility plans in Prague

How to get to the project selection based on the vision of the mobility plan and how to monitor measures by indicators? These questions were examined in the professional workshop of CIVITAS SUMPs-Up project set in Prague City Hall, where on behalf of...
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04 May 2018

Communication in mobility planning in Poland

If the planner is working isolated and citizens are facing mobility investments without being involved in the planning process, annoyance and unfavourable solutions conserved for the long term may be born. Important pillars of sustainable urban mobil...
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18 Apr 2018

New pedestrian, cycling and parking maps for Eger

The extensive traffic calmed city centre area and the constantly expanding bicycle friendly route network in Eger makes mobility and sightseeing possible both on foot or by bike. Commissioned by the City of Eger, Mobilissimus created new maps to supp...
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10 Apr 2018

MoveCit, seminary on mobility plans for companies

Budapest University of Technology and Economics hosted the latest MoveCit seminary, to be organised on company mobility planning. MoveCit is financed under the Interreg Central Europe and aims at involving workspaces, companies to mobility planning f...
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07 Apr 2018