SUMP of Eger approved by the General Assembly

The City of Eger was among the first in Hungary to embark in sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP), with the professional support of Mobilissimus. Sustainable urban mobility planning is a mobility planning approach developed by the European Union, focusing on people and citizens, which serves as a basis of preparing new transport strategies for cities.

The SUMP has been prepared in line with existing strategic plans of Eger, especially the Settlement Development Concept and the Integrated Settlement Development Strategy.

The first phase of the plan – containing the status analysis and the set of objectives – was delivered in May 2016. The elaboration of the second phase started in March 2017. In order to support it, traffic surveys have been conducted in the city in May. The second phase included the list of measures serving the objectives, as well as their evaluation, and the action plan paving the way towards implementation. It was completed in October 2017, being finalised based on the results of a large-scale representative survey among residents.

The General Assembly of Eger discussed and approved the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the city on its meeting of 30 November 2017.

The summary of the SUMP can be seen below, and downloaded from the following links:

The website of the SUMP is available at

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