Solving traffic problems in suburban areas

Due to the intensive development of residential areas in recent decades in the suburban areas around cities, extremely unfavourable traffic conditions have developed, unmanageable with the classic traffic engineering expertise. The conditions around the schools and kindergartens (lack of parking spaces, congestion), too much and too fast through traffic in the suburbs, the frequent failures of the traffic calming measures can all be traced back to one reason: these are not technical, rather conceptual problems, needing conceptual solving.

The criticism of the frequently used interventions (traffic bumps, one-way roads, speed limits, 30 km/h zones) is the worse and worse traffic situation almost everywhere around major cities. Another problem is that the usually scarce resources lead to low-cost solutions, so their effect is even more limited, their role is rather to tranquilize the residents.

Mobilissimus is at the forefront of handling difficult-to-solve mobility issues. We offer working solutions and adaptations for common types of traffic problems in the agglomeration area, such as the traffic conditions around schools and kindergartens, the significant through traffic problem affecting suburbs, and the lack of walking and cycling networks.


What do we offer?