We participated as experts in the 1.5° Lifestyle project workshop

On the 1st of December 2022, the Stakeholder Thinking Lab took place with 21 participants in the framework of the EU 1.5° Lifestyle project, which aims to promote the adoption of the 1.5° Lifestyle and to support the transformations required for the 1.5°C target. The event was organised and moderated by the GreenDependent Institute.

Mobilissimus contributed to the research as a mobility expert for the second time. At the beginning of 2022, our managing director Antal Gertheis was interviewed as an expert to map the factors and structures that hinder and facilitate lifestyles. At the current workshop, senior expert Dr András Szele participated in the joint reflection.

The workshop started with a short introductory presentation by Edina Vadovics, Head of the GreenDependent Institute. This was followed by a short game, the Climate Puzzle, developed by the Finnish D-mat and translated into Hungarian by GreenDependent. The participants' task was to reduce the carbon footprint of an average Hungarian person from about 6 tonnes to 0.7 tonnes by 2050 in groups of three, using different options. The options covered four main areas: nutrition, housing, mobility and leisure.

In the post-lunch session, participants were organised into groups according to the four areas and discussed the future and the measures needed to achieve the 1.5° lifestyle. The last session was a plenary session where each group shared what they had heard in their group.

Photos: Vigh Lívia

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