Magyar CIVINET and INTERREG EfficienCE joint event on electromobility

On 24 March 2022, Magyar CIVINET and the INTERREG CE EfficienCE project held a joint on-site meeting in Pécs (Hungary). The one-day event titled „The new directions in electromobility” ended with a site visit to the bus depot.

The presenters representing several Hungarian cities’ public transport operators and organizers shared their experiences with electric buses and other electric modes of transport. There were also more general topics covered as well as the experiences and further opportunities from an ongoing pilot project called Green Bus (Zöld Busz Mintaprojekt). From the transport operators’ point of view, electric mobility is both a need and a challenge in Hungary. The conclusion was that even though the use of electric mobility in public transport is an attractive choice, for a full transition a lot of knowledge, experience and even more financial source is still lacking.

Photo: (on the left) Pilsen, Czechia (Karol Grzonka), (on the right) Mikolaj Bartłomiejczyk presenting (Mobilissimus)

Mikolaj Bartłomiejczyk, representing the Technical University of Gdansk and the public transport operator from Gdynia (PKT) shared two international projects’ results. First, he presented the results of the operation of a battery-based buffer station supporting a selected section of trolleybus power supply systems in Pilsen (Czechia; implemented within EfficienCE), then he also showed how electric car chargers can be integrated with a traction power supply system (within the EfficienCE and INTERREG CAR projects).

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