E-mobility concept of Szeged adopted by the General Assembly

Cities around the world face many challenges: climate change, ensuring clean and healthy living environments, and affordable and secure energy are pressing issues everywhere. Some of these problems arise in the area of transport; e-mobility is emerging as one of the solutions to these problems.

The City of Szeged is committed to sustainable mobility; its persistent work in the field of clean transport has been recognised by the European Commission with the CIVITAS Legacy Award (2018). This is why, in addition to promoting sustainable transport modes, it has decided to develop the E-mobility concept of Szeged.

The concept developed by Mobilissimus provides an overview of the concept of e-mobility, its impacts and trends in Europe and Hungary. It presents the e-mobility landscape of Szeged, sets out a vision for e-mobility in Szeged, and to achieve this, it proposes 10 intervention areas.

The e-mobility concept of Szeged was adopted by the General Assembly of the City of Szeged on 17 November 2023. The concept is available HERE (in Hungarian).


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