Mobilissimus Ltd.

Legal address and office:

3rd floor No 20A, Lónyay utca 34.
Budapest H-1093

If you come by bicycle:

  • if you have your own bike, you can lock it to the stands in front of the building, or in the courtyard, or
  • if you use the BUBI bike sharing system, the closest stations are at Corvinus Egyetem and Ráday utca - Kinizsi utca.

If you arrive by public transport, the closest stations are as follows:

  • Metro line M3 – Kálvin tér or Corvin negyed,
  • Metro line M4 – Kálvin tér or Fővám tér,
  • Trams No. 4 and 6 – Boráros tér or Mester utca,
  • Tram No.2 – Zsil utca,
  • Trams No.47-and 49 – Fővám tér or Kálvin tér,
  • Buses No.15 and 115 – Czuczor utca in the direction of Deák tér and Közraktár utca in the direction of Boráros tér,
  • Bus No. 9 – Kálvin tér,
  • Trolleybus No. 83 – Közraktár utca in the direction of Fővám tér.

If you would like to come by car:

  • first of all, reconsider if you really do need to use your car, and,
    • if not, please find the alternatives in the above points,
    • if yes, then you can park your car in the surrounding streets, for example Lónyay Street or Kinizsi Street. The parking fee is 600 HUF/hour on weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM (detailed parking information: BKK). SRL

Legal address:

Strada Enric Baader, Nr. 1, Ap. 20