Work in progress for updating the European SUMP Guidelines

The European SUMP Guidelines have served as an essential basis of developing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans for the last six years. It has been used extensively since its first publication: more than 100 SUMPs have been approved, and vast experience gathered; also, additional guidelines have been prepared for specific areas. The time passed has also seen new trends emerging in mobility needs and solutions. Recognising this, the SUMP 2.0 process – aiming to update the Guidelines – has been kicked off last year at the European SUMP Conference by Maja Bakran, Deputy Director-General of DG MOVE.

As part of this process, a stakeholder workshop has been organised on the 20-21 February in Köln, with urban mobility experts invited from across Europe, including Antal Gertheis, managing director of Mobilissimus. The structured and lively discussions allowed for the new Guidelines being better adapted to cities’ and planners’ practical needs.

Based on our experience of preparing SUMPs for several Hungarian cities, as well as our sustainable urban mobility consultancy activities in Central and Eastern Europe and the PROSPERITY project, Mobilissimus is proud to contribute to the updating of the SUMP Guidelines, as our experts did to the first version between 2011 and 2013.

The initial draft of the new SUMP Guidelines will be presented at the SUMP Conference in Groningen on the 17-18 June 2019.


photo: Tomas Zwoliński

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